New vehicles for White Line Fever


I resolved to not make any more WLF vehicles.  After all, I have more than 60 of them.  No need for any more than that.  Then a couple of things happened.  Lon Weiss from Brigade models started marketing a series of add-on accessories for Matchbox and Hot Wheels post-apocalyptic vehicles, I discovered the tank commander figure in 20mm which I bought a few of from various sources, and finally I discovered the Tank Commander and Stowage Sprues from Toy Soldier Company, all of it in 20mm.  This last bit is a cornucopia of useful in scale bits to add detailing to you post-apocalyptic masterpieces.  Tarps, cables, gas cans, pieces of track (why not?), and infantry weapons slung here and there.  I like the concept of adding more detail, so I decided, eh, what the heck.  A few more won’t hurt, and what I really want to do is retrofit a few of the existing vehicles, particularly with open cockpits, with either tank commander torsos or new weapons.  Or both.  Both Matchbox and Hot Wheels don’t design their vehicles to accommodate an in scale 20mm driver– they cheat and make the floorboard very narrow on most models.  so most actually sitting down figures won’t do the job.  Tank commander figures are a pretty good compromise.. nobody is going to notice they are legless.

Herewith are the new and retrofitted vehicles so far:

The General Lee. Just because. I filthed it up with some post-apocalyptic grime but otherwise I left it as is.

Sand Brother buggy. This is a RETROFIT. Added: a gunner poking out from the center window, and a tank commander leaning out to the left to see better.

Small RETROFIT for the Sand King buggy. Added: Tank Commander driver (with red helmet). Now somebody’s driving this thing!

Found a hovercraft Matchbox car! Not much to say here. I cut off the wheels and puttied up the wheel wells, painted the air cushion black, the vehicle dirty brown, and canopy opaqued. I’ve only added one weapon: the oil sprayer (not on yet in this photo), which is mounted under the fans in back– there really aren’t any mount points on this thing except there. I envision this vehicle as being able to go over Scum Pits without sinking or dissolving, so they are better off road than most vehicles. The oil spray will be a nasty surprise for anyone following it!

Small REFIT for a Ford Falcon XB GT coupe, which I was going to make a Pursuit special from the Mad Max movie, then changed my mind. I added a tarp for covering the vehicle from the desert winds, and a mine dropper. I am re-christening this one BIG SURPRISE.

One of two– the Sisters of Battle. These are two meter maid vehicles I couldn’t pass up. I mounted a Sonic Scrambler on top. This is one of the Brigade Games new accessory weapons. I picture this as being a weapon that can target drivers and gunners only.

Doc and Marty’s ride. The DeLorean from Back to the Future is a new find I HAD to add to the mix. I added a military laser cannon on the roof (from Brigade Games) and just filthed it up, apocalypse style.

Old Number 21, an ancient demolition derby car with attitude. I found this on a thrift store table for a nickel. Added: tank track armor on the front grill (equivalent to a ram plate), A HMG on the hood from Brigade Games, an Armor Slab on the back from Brigade Games, and wheel plates fashioned from tank wheel plates on the hubs. Seriously badass.

Some kind of Galvanic/Rocket car from hot wheels. I picked it up for the flaming zap in the front, which I need to repaint. I just filthed it up, added some trim in gold and a tank commander driver.

The Gypsy Kings. A new faction, similar to Scrappers. These guys favor the Harpoon Gun (from Brigade Guns), and their cars are a mix of stowage items from brigade games and the tank commander stowage sprues. See why I like Convertibles in this game? They come out looking great!

An impressive looking Sand Buggy with a new Ram Plate/beak, a flamethrower, some stowage items, and a tank commander driver.
I like this one, very dramatic looking.

Deadex, because I had to pick up a rival for the Disgruntled Postal Worker truck I already have. I added a gatling gun from Brigade Games, a ram plate (spikey) from the same source, and a gunner figure up top with a shotgun. I also put a trap door up top.

Safari Vehicle. Light Recoilless Rocket gun, Added: Crew, driver and gunner (Driver a Tank CDR) , Gunner from Stan Johansen. Also added some scrap metal in the bed and stowage behind the gunner to keep him upright.

REFIT to a tracked vehicle I was having trouble using. Added: Laser cannon, some bits from Toy Soldier tank cdr and stowage sprue that look like heavy duty batteries for the laser.

Another refit of a hard to use vehicle.. Added: two heavy rockets from Brigade Games’ Vehicle Accesories, a small autocannon from Stan Johansen, improvised blast shields using Styrene plastic and a driver from Stan Johansen.

REFIT of Sand Brother buggy. Added: Crew and Machine Pistol, ammo crate, gas can and rolled tarp all from Toy Soldier Tank CDR sprue,

The OTHER Sister of Battle, this time with a Gunner from Stan Johansen and a dart gun from Brigade Games. The rest of it is improvised.

How mines will work. Drop a token behind the car. roll a tiny dice and place on the marker. The number you roll against to check to see if there’s an explosion. Roll twice on the boom table if it goes up.

Well, there you go. I am liking the new accessories in the Brigade Games line, even if they are pretty big!


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