What is a “hero” anyway?

RIP Lenny Robinson, our Baltimore Batman

The news reported that Lenny Robinson, the eccentric local Batman fan that took his hobby of collecting Batman memorabilia to a new level by converting a custom Lamborghini into a Batmobile (of sorts) and visiting legions of terminally ill children in the hospital, had been struck by a car when he got out of his car to check for engine trouble on a busy highway.  He was killed instantly.

Back in 2012, Lenny made the national headlines when a police dash cam of him being stopped by the police for driving his custom Lambo without a visible plate from the State of Maryland on display hit Youtube and went viral:

Of course it did.. there’s something inherently goofy and ridiculous about a grown man dressing up as Batman and driving around in a tricked up Lamborghini. Lenny had a screw loose, but it manifested itself in a wonderful way.

Lenny would use his free time (and a considerable amount of his own cash) to dress up (himself and with other “superheroes”) to visit extremely ill children all up and down the state of Maryland. He’d been doing it for years.. not asking permission, not petitioning a committee for advice or sponsorship. He just saw something that would make life better for a group of sick kids who were feeling miserable.. and he went out and did it.

Just like that.

Sure. I’m not going to argue when Nancy Grace ends her broadcasts by looking straight into the camera, with voice artfully choking and lip dramatically quivering… “PFC so and so, killed in Afghanistan.. American .. (pause) … hero.” that’s her thing.. and we should cherish our fallen. I get that.

And yet, there are other kind of heroes. Simple, goofy men like Lenny Robinson, doing the decent thing, on their own dime and their own time, because it needed doing, and nobody else was stepping up to the plate.

Lenny, you’re a hero—no, strike that, you’re in the Heavenly Justice League.

May God Bless and keep you.


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