The Magi SpellCasting game V. 2 rewrite

Click on the cover to get the EPUB file!

As some of you might know, I converted Richard Bartle’s charming hand-gesture game WAVING HANDS into a miniatures game back in 2012, and ran it at conventions and at the Game Camp I run with generally positive reviews. As I am running it again next week for the Game Camp, I decided to tidy up the language (which still maintains some of Mr. Bartle’s references to what I consider a somewhat complex model of two-handed spellcasting) and no references to the random somatic card gesture mechanics I added in later. I think this is probably a simpler game than Mr. B. imagined, but it plays fast and works well with children. Full credit and respect to Richard Bartle for coming up with Waving Hands, the foundation upon which the Magi is built!

You can also get a PDF of this character sheet and spell reference (combined) by clicking this picture.

I’ve run the magi the last two years; it’s a great game for gatherings and small cons.