Small Wars: Road Warrior/White Line Fever– The Biker Gangs show up

I’ve promised to post some pictures of the Motorcycle Gang I’ve built up via selected purchases over the last 6 months.  Unless inspiration hits me, this will probably the last vehicle pictures posted before HISTORICON.

This is a mix of Stan Johanesen Biker Gang (Stan’s website is referred to many times in Road Warrior posts) and Ramshackle Games 20mm Biker Gangs, which is a recent discovery.  The Ramshackle biker gangs are definitely smaller than the Stan Johansen figures (as you can see easily in the photograph above– the Ramshackle items have tan bases).   So the Ramshackle Games stuff are more like the Mini-bikes of Minor Troublemaking than the Harleys of Death.    I don’t care; they look pretty good, just can’t really scale to the StanJo stuff.  They have one great benefit: affordability.  I ordered a giant biker gang in resin, in assorted poses, for a very affordable price.  I’m not complaining.

Here are a lot of Ramshackle Games 20mm bikes, and a couple of Aberrant games Warlands motorcycles (round brown bases, plus the quad in the bottom right).  The rest are StanJo Biker Gang figures.

Last but not least, the Aberrant Games’ Warland GyroCopter (left) plus some Ramshackle 20mm bikes and StanJo figures in foreground.

I like the look of these figures and I’m not overly concerned about the scaling if they are at least reasonably close.  They won’t really all be bunched up together in the course of a game, anyway.

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