COUP by IoS: Reassessing

I have to admit, I wasn’t much impressed with COUP (the IOS game) when it was announced recently. I will not dwell on the In Game Purchase model, which I think is rather greedy for very little in return– why? Because the game is perfectly playable as a free product. You need never purchase a single other expansion and you can still have fun with it. So it’s kind of hypocritical to complain about the publisher trying to squeeze every last drop out of this turnip. They aren’t requiring you to buy anything.

I was, however, not impressed with COUP as a game– it didn’t seem to capture the concept of bluffing as well as the regular pasteboard version did, and again, my reasoning was based on incomplete information. I have, since, actually played a game of COUP as a card game (loved it!), and

There’s a little chat button, top right, that has a lot of canned statements you can broadcast to other players. Included are statements such as “Play your card already!” and “I have a Captain Card!” or “I have the Duke!” This can play out in a lot of different ways– when you are playing an action associated with a card you don’t have (like drawing taxes as the Duke when you dont’ have that card), and actually SAY “I have the Duke card”.. that is.. actually LYING (read, bluffing), and even if it isn’t anything the other player should give credence to, if he’s smart, it’s still a nice touch. It certainly acts like a fantastic distraction to keep the other guy guessing.

In summary, I’m warming up to the game quickly and actually enjoy playing it. I’m only winning a third of the games I play so there’s a lot to learn.