Post-Apoc 20mm Pedestrians..2

Just a quick look at Post-Apocalypse 20mm pedestrians, for use with a variety of games but mostly Road Warrior/White Line Fever.  These come from a variety of sources, notably East Riding and Stan Johansen Miniatures.

Assorted Pedestrians with guns. Click to enlarge

The various groups are:

The Bugeyes: a group of hardcore survivalists with decent weapons and NBC gear, giving them their trademark “look”.  Somewhat paranoid about radiation/chemical poisoning.  They are out scavenging.

Street Punks: Some of the local armed gangs, armed mostly with lower tech rifles and crossbows or melee weapons, as bullets are getting rare.  They will shoot first and ask questions later.

Dirty Texans: Remnant of a Texas Ranger group.  They wear trademark dusters to keep the worst of the hard rain off.   They will defend themselves vigorously.

Low Rent Paramilitary: This is a group of survivalist, paramilitary types from an old private security company.  Armed with National Guard castoffs and flak jacket, they are using older weaponry which still works just fine.

In painting, but not done: The Big Hair Boys (old Citadel Mohawk wearing punks, way taller than the ones above, closer to 25mm) and Cultists of the Circle (Stan Johansen figures which will match the above)


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