Ground Troops!

I’m not going to have a ton of people on foot for RW/WLF but I’ll need some wacky survivalists, punks, paramilitary types and cultists for this game. Here’s a start:

Low Rent Paramilitary types, left, and Filthy Texas Survivalists, right.

Original Size Graphic

The Low Rent Paramilitaries are Vietnam era miniatures from East Riding, 20mm. They are crew on some support weapons I purchased recently. I just painted them up to look more haphazard, slapdash and using remnant uniform stuff. The Kettenkrad is a Monogram model, modified to be a mobile MG platform using a US water cooled .30 cal machine gun bolted to the platform. The model was colored a dull olive and then some camo highlights with a dark sepia wash and rust. It’s a pretty simple model.

The cowboy hats are from Elhiem Miniatures. They have a range of survivor types– mostly in a Post Zombie Apocalypse context. One group is this gang of Duster-wearing cowboys. Another are wearing full up chem suits. Bizarrely, they also produce the Scooby Doo kids (Velma, Alan, etc.) which fits right in to the Mystery Machine I already have painted up!

The cowboys are four figures, tall and rather slender. I undercoated them an Armory mustard yellow and then highlighted facial features and surface bits like guns, gun belts, shirts, etc. Then a big wash of sepia to filth them up and highlight all the great nooks and crannies, and I was done!

Stay tuned for more Figures. I’ll be painting up the rest of the punks, cultists and what not in the weeks to come.

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