Word on the Street: Unspeakable Words Deluxe

Unspeakable Words Logo, Copyright 2015 Playroom Entertainment

We picked up Unspeakable Words (the original) back in 2007 or so, maybe a little later.   It’s a fun little diverting word game with a Cthulhu Mythos theme, which is right up my alley.  The goal is to form words from the single letter cards (all lavishly illustrated).  Each word completed requires you to roll against the word score to see if your sanity has come unhinged.  Dice being what they are, you will eventually lose sanity points (represented by cute little mini Cthulhu tokens) and eventually you will go batsh*t crazy.  The last one left sane won the game!  The mechanics aren’t that challenging but the theme is heavy making the game a family favorite.  Well, my family, anyway!

Box contents 2007 edition, copyright Playroom Entertainment
Contents (old art)

New box art
So WORD ON THE STREET is that Playroom Entertainment is about to launch a UNSPEAKABLE WORDS DELUXE on Monday. From what I’m reading there’s not much change to the basic mechanics, but the tokens will be changed and the artwork is redone from the ground up by John “Dork Tower” Kovalic. From what I can see of the new art, this will help the game– the old 2007 are was great and on target for Cthulhu geeks, but the “cutesy” new Kovalic artwork will have a much broader appeal, especially with families with younger kids.

The new version will be funded by Kickstarter (as of this date). You can visit the page HERE when it becomes live.