Road Trip Fall-IN! 2014! and *last* Guidebook Update

We're offff on the rooooad to LANCAS-TER P-A!
We’re offff on the rooooad to LANCAS-TER P-A!

A little road trip Audio for Fall-IN! 2014:


I just added NINE updates for the last update for Fall IN 2014.
These were events 428-436. Two by Steve Gelhard, Four by Carlos Cardozo,
One by Mark Yingling and Two by Dave Yingling.

To update, open the Guidebook in a wireless zone, and just accept the update.  It does the rest for you.

This is the last Guidebook Update. Please open Guidebook in a Wirless zone and let it upload the changes for you. Enjoy! See you at the convention. I’m already there!

PS: If you have NO idea what Guidebook is, GO HERE.