Digital Rule Project: Limeys and Slimeys EPUB

Ships firing in an L&S game. Original 15mm resin hulls

Limeys and Slimeys is a rule set for miniature warfare set in the Age of Sail (Napoleonic/Revolutionary War) period. I don’t think anyone who has played a game of Limeys and Slimeys will complain about horrifically complex the rules are– the original version was printed on 3 very small pages, and seemed so simple at first glance that one might wonder what the attraction was.  The rules came as an insert with the Limey and Slimey kits.. usually a resin hull (or two) plus a ton of 15mm unpainted Minifigs as standins for the crew figures.   Obviously the rules were there to sell the kits*…

And yet, there’s a LOT of game in those 3 pages– I have played many games of L&S (usually shepherded by Brian Whitaker, of the Historical Miniature Gaming Society (HMGS)). The measuring was all by eyeball and the gunfire was usually devastating. Who cares, it was a blast!

Just for fun, I made a copy of the Limeys and Slimeys rules in EPUB format. These have been out there for a long time as a DOC or PDF file so I doubt there will be a big kerfluffle about making it available for Tablet computers and book readers.

My version of the cover for the EPUB

The L&S Epub is available (as usual!) on the DIGITAL RULES PAGE

(* parenthetically, I bought a few of those Limey and Slimey kits.. the earlier hulls were pretty great, later bootlegged ones were scrofulous).


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