Utilizing the Blockade Runner model from Hasbro in X-Wing Miniatures

I like X-Wing Miniatures from FFG. It’s a great license and FFG has really done the franchise proud with the level of quality they have maintained. There latest wave of releases included big ships such as the Rebel transport, the YT-2400 space freighter and the Corellian Blockade Runner– the ship that is the first spaceship glimpsed in the entire Star Wars universe (being boarded by Vader & co.), which comes back at the end of the “early” trilogy. I certainly would like to get that model with all the cards and extra weapons tokens that come with it, but I have a problem with the scale. It’s big, but not nearly big enough.

SEE HERE for a product description; It’s large but it’s not going to scale all that well with the smaller individual fighter figures. Here’s another picture to give you a quick visual of the larger ships in frame with some of the smaller ones. I can see why they wanted to go the route of attenuated scale for cost and tabletop purposes– if you scale the thing up even more it will take up most of the tabletop– like having a true scale zeppelin in a 1:72 dogfight game.. where would you put the thing on the table?

There is a nice compromise, which I took advantage of long before the Blockade Runner was out. Hasbro had made an electronic beeping verion of the blockade runner toy a long time ago. The toy is about twice the size (maybe a little more) of the “official” FFG Blockade runner and use up some table space, but it is worth it in my opinion, as the tiny ships taking on the giant (in game terms) blockade runner has an epic visual quality the smaller “official” version lacks. Sadly this toy has become rarer than hen’s teeth as other X-Wing players are scooping them up quickly on the secondary market.

I was a bit stymied for statistics for this ship since I didn’t want to pay the hefty asking price for the Corellian Blockade Runner to get all the cards and tokens and such– they are nice but I could probably house rule it if it hadn’t already been done somewhere. And fortunately it had! The WWPD guys have run games with the exact same Hasbro toy, and they have posted their AAR here.

Doesn’t that look better to you? It does to me.

In addition to a battle report, they post some house rules for running the Blockade runner. They aren’t nearly as comprehensive as the FFG rules (I’m guessing) but they would be enough to have a special game with a great visual center piece of the big ship being attacked by gnats. Lovely Eye Candy. Good work, WWPD people.