Charge Pikes! (2005) now in Digital Rules Library

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Back in 2005, Wesly Rogers offered us a set of English Civil War/Musket and Pike rules as a free download from his Angelfire page (now sadly gone). Through some diligent searching I found the original rules in PDF, though not the playsheets.  Charge Pikes! is a very decent set of Musket and Pike era rules, reasonably well written, although I did break up some of the excessively long sections into separate smaller sections for ease of conversion into EPUB format.  This was an easy conversion, as the PDF was printed from a Word Document, but there are a lot of tables I screen captured and added in.   I was GOING to color each section’s tables a different color, but that got tedious.  So we’ll live with it as is.  The cover looks like old WRG style books, I retained that out of a sense of nostalgia.

I have no idea how to get in touch with Wesly Rogers but  I presume as this was freely available on Freewargamerules at some point, he has no problem with converting a PDF to an EPUB.  He can contact me if there’s a problem.

As usual, this can be found on the DIGITAL RULES page (tab is up top).  This is NOT found in “Commercial, Out of Print” section.  It’s in the Non-Commercial Wargame Rules (Local Files) section.