I encounter the Google Street View mapping Guy.

Departing for work this morning, I saw something whizz by my car going up the hill at speed.  White cars are common, but that complicated mast arrangement.. it could mean only one thing.. a Google Street View Mapping car.  I jumped in the car thinking I’d lost the car in the morning traffic, but lo and behold! right around the corner:

Click to embiggen.  It’s Joe the Google Map guy!

It’s not every day of the week one encounters a Street View mapping vehicle, so I stopped and said hello..
Joe (I think his name was Joe) says he drove all the way from California to my neighborhood in this vehicle. Not my first choice for cross country cruising comfort!

Oh sure. Everybody LOOOOVES the car. Cant’ get enough of it. Nobody wants a picture of the driver!! What am I, chopped liver?

The driver joked that everyone wants to know about the vehicle doing the photography, and nobody cares who the driver is. I assured him that had I even a reasonable amount of time, I’d be spellbound listening to his tales of mapping America. Actually, I really was pretty interested.

Wave for all your fans, Street View man! Don’t take a picture of that overturned trash can in my driveway!

I wish I had had the time to have him run through the process with me, I think Street View is one impressive project, myself.

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