NOTICE: I’ve had to ratchet back comments temporarily

ASKIMET, the anti-spam service used by, usually works pretty well.  I’ve had no complaints.  Lately, they have failed to stem the tide of routine spam postings originating somewhere (I think) in France.  The spam comments are uniquely multi-lingual and have spoofed IPs.  I’m deleting several a day.  This is becoming painful.

So.. much as I love to read comments, even on very old posts, these are the favorite targets of spambots.  Since this blog has been around in some format since 2004, I have lots of old posts for them to glom onto.   To combat this, I’ve turned OFF all comments on anything but a 1 day old post.

I’m very sorry, but it’s become quite burdensome.  I truly value people quoting old posts and comments, but the French SpamWave has become so obnoxious, I’ll have to tighten down until Askimet figures this stuff out.  I’m monitoring the situation.

Thanks for reading!