The Things, by Peter Watts (audio)

Today is the thirty-second anniversary of the release of John Carpenter’s movie THE THING, which was the second attempt at filming John W. Campbell‘s classic Short Story “Who Goes There” as a film.  The first, as the SF cogniscenti will surely inform us, was “The Thing From Another World” starring James Arness (pre-Matt Dillon) as the titular alien, who was more of a classic horror boojum than 1982’s horrific polymorphic alien.

Gad!  32 years ago!!  I thought I’d celebrate the anniversary by citing Peter Watts’ excellent 2010 short story “The Things”, which appeared in Clarkesworld magazine and actually was nominated for a Hugo Award.  The Things assumes the viewpoint of the “monster” as a terrified organism that’s attempting to commune with humanity, but it shocked and saddened by what it assumes to be our rampant xenophobia.

Text here

or hear it via spoken word (MP3, Clarkesworld Audio fiction podcast)″

Give this a listen, it’s a great story that evokes a classic movie from a brand new angle!


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