Waterloo Obsession.. One Man’s quest to recreate the battle man for man in 6mm

A retired Army gentleman describes his Battle of Waterloo fixation. Over the past 20 years, Mr. St. Clair has had an obsession to paint, man for man, the entire order of battle of Waterloo.

See the Washington Post article here:

Recreating the Battle of Waterloo with 250000 six millimeter tall toy soldiers

The accompanying video is here.. sorry I can’t embed this on WordPress.com


6mm Napoleonics on the table

I have to wonder what facility could be used to display this Order of Battle in its entirety at one to one scale. It’s just so huge. Even the Battle of Borodino game I played in in 92 was severely constrained scale-wise.

Fun fact, there are some instantly recognizable names from NOVAG and HMGS in the article– like Bruce Weigle and Tim Tilson. Mr. St. Clair, whom I don’t recall meeting, appears to be a local boy.


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