Historicon 12 June 14 Guidebook Update: Baselined

FIXED!  Missing Table Numbers.  ADDED! New events and 1 seminar

FIXED! Missing Table Numbers. ADDED! New events and 1 seminar

After quite a bit of work, I have reconciled the first posting of Guidebook, fixing the missing table numbers (one by one by one.. sigh). That had to be done. I’ve added NEW events from that update to now. I’ve added one new seminar.

What’s missing:

Exhibitor Hall layout (need from Mr. Dudley Garidel)
Hobby University Events (need from Ms. Heather Blush)

Everything else should be there.

Landing page: https://guidebook.com/guide/18908/

Update Notes: as always, IF YOU HAVE GB ALREADY, just open up guidebook and it will update for you.

If you need to install guidebook and the directory, go to the landing page.

Hey! New Features!

Guidebook.com added a few neat features since last time.  INBOX, ATTENDEES and NOTEPAD.

Inbox is an easy way to message all users who are using the current guidebook (see picture below).  Right now there’s just a couple of Guidebook related messages in there but DURING THE CONVENTION it can go out to anyone attending using guidebook.  That’s handy!!

Attendees seems to be a way of “checking in” for attendees.  Remember, this isn’t connected to our registration system.. it’s not the same thing.

Notepad is pretty much what you think it is, a little notepad app to keep notes about thing during the convention.

New features.. including inbox

New features.. including inbox


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