Why I’m all in for GMT’s TWILIGHT STRUGGLE (Digital Edition)

GMT’s Twilight Struggle boardgame is a great design from GMT Games.  Twilight Struggle focuses on the growth of Superpowers in the wake of the Second World War, and the emergence of modern geopolitical doctrine.  It is an event-driven game, and probably the least warlike war-game I know.  Meaning, yah, it’s a conflict simulation, but the conflict isn’t on a hexagon with a cardboard counter sitting on it.  This has been a favorite for a very long time and a consistently high placing game on the Boardgamegeek top 100.  For years, it was THE top game in the “Hotness”, or the most liked games in the top 100.

GMT was going to make a PC game out of this design and had an outfit gainfully employed working on it for almost two years.  That effort collapsed, as I have posted on elsewhere.  Bravo Zulu to GMT for recognizing they weren’t backing a winner and starting over.

Today, GMT announced a Tablet (Android and IoS) version of Twilight Struggle is in the works.  They are partnering with Playdek, who have brought us some off the best boardgame conversions for the Ipad and Android ever, but they need some seed money.  About 50K.  They are already halfway there, so I have every confidence this project will crowdfund nicely.  Still, if you are interested in supporting the effort and kickstartin’ for your share, here’s the relevant information.

https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/559431060/twilight-struggle-digital-edition  (it went up 10K while I was typing this.  True fact).

Click on JFK to see the video.

CLICK ME TO SEE VIDEO (WordPress doesn’t like the embed tag)

I’m in for a modest amount.  I hope you might consider supporting this, If you like boardgames, you won’t regret it.


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