Pig Hitler must DIE!! aka, Mutant Future session 4

Last Saturday night, our MUTANT FUTURE online RPG group  met for session 4 of the Big Sky campaign.  We play using Google hangouts and the Roll20 RPG app.

PIGMEN, what we called Pazis, in Mutant Future


We’re continuing the adventures of the BIG SKY campaign.  This was a continuation of Episode 3, Nazi Pigs, Nazi Pigs, F*ck off!  starting  the day after the events of the last session.   We concluded that the Pig Men would become a problem  not just for the people in the Fishing Village of McOwster, but eventually they would impact the bunker complex we come from.  So something has to be done.  The raids seem more well led than they had been in the past; Pigmen exude the same kind of negative empathy effect that my character, Larc Killstrike, does.. only all pigmen do it as a racial trait, not as a mutation.  So this is not a group of people that chip in and display teamwork as a trait.  As mentioned, the Pigmen were very cleverly led in the attack the night before; they infiltrated the buildings at the bridge and set up a distracting fire while their main attack originated from a different direction.  This demonstrates pretty advanced tactical thinking.  You know, for pigs…  (I described our adventures taking out the Pigman outposts on the other side of the river using the Vampiric Field in Episode 3).   The Sheriff appreciated our efforts the night before but doesn’t think we’ve put a dent in the Pigman threat.  He’s afraid that one individual may have arisen to lead the pigmen (aka, the Pazis) in more intelligent, coordinated attacks.  We instantly dubbed this hypothetical Pazi leader “Pig Hitler”.  We decided to go out on a patrol in the general direction  (we’re guessing) from which the attacks originated.

Almost immediately, we encountered a random Pazi patrol.  This was led by an Officer (?) with a carbine, a Pistol Packing Pazi, and a Axe-Pig with a couple of grenades.

Engaging Pigman Knuckles (the pistol pig out of ammo) and Pigman Officer from a distance.

Making an end run around the right. CLICK TO EMBIGGEN.

Van Cleef, Maduro and Johnnie Walker engaged from a distance with crossbows. As mentioned last time Pigmen are a tough breed– these had a naturally hard hide and didn’t take a lot of damage quickly.  I decided to try the Vampiric Field again, by advancing on the Pazi line obliquely from the right flank, using cover.  The plan was to double back behind them and hit them with VF from a hiding place.  It didn’t work– I was detected by the Axe-pig and he whacked me pretty good with a giant man-cleaver.  The last thing I wanted to do was go toe-to-toe with a Pazi in a standup melee. I turned on the Vampiric Field as my comrades were the maximum distance away from me and wouldn’t get damaged by it.  Almost immediately I got back the points I lost in temporary HPs sucked from the Pigmen.

George! Bad Monkey! Get out of the killing zone!!! Click to enlarge

Scratch one Pazi Putz! I kill Axe-Pig solely with the Vampiric Field mental mutation. Sadly I got a little piece of Curious George with this one.

Scratch one MORE Pazi putz! Down from multiple wounds, WIth the left and right dead, the Officer beats feet, erm.. hooves, out of there.

This strategy was slow but it was working; the officer and the pistol-pig were engaged on the left flank, and as long as I was draining the Axe-Pig and Officer Pig on the right, there was a decent chance I could stay ahead of the damage he was do to me every turn. That was, until my colleague Curious George climbed through the trees and right over the killing zone. Unfortunately I ended up draining points from him and the two pigmen.. great for me, bad for George as he takes double damage. Poor mutant! Right about then the Axe-pig went down with all his points sucked out.. this is the first creature in Mutant Future I’ve killed solely with a mental mutation.  I have to hand it to MF– I’ve never cared for the “Life Leech” mutation (the Gamma World mutation MF’s Vampiric Field appears to be modeled on) but if you use it with the proper setup, with some long distance cover from your teammates, you can really play havoc with an enemy’s plans.  I don’t mind being the mutant kamikaze in this context, in fact, it’s kind of fun to have something that can mess with lots of targets at once.  One thing I’ve noticed is that our mutation rolls were all pretty underwhelming in terms of hitting power — there’s some telepathy, and 2 mental concerts, and a few other mutations of value, but nothing to cause broad spectrum physical damage.  So that Vampiric Field is starting to come in handy in ways I didn’t expect.

The left flank had done a solid job, and the Pistol Pig, now a Knuckles pig (after running out of ammo), went down in a mess of blood and chitlins on that side.  The Officer pig shouldered his carbine and ran out of there.  We gave chase, and passed an intriguing “House of the Ancients” during the chase, but didn’t have time to stop to investigate.  The Pazi Officer got away, but he left a blood trail that was easy to track.. and we found him laying an ambush at the camp of the Pigmen, which was North of the city.  This was just an outpost.. two tents and a bunch of traps laid around to catch intruders up so they could shoot them.

The Traps set at the Pazi Camp.

The Pazi officer unfortunately died from the ensuing firefight. Too bad, we wanted to interrogate him. So it goes. So that, with the exception of a small infestation of carnivorous butterflies, was that. We moved the tents and traps out with some extraneous things we found, setting up camp about a mile away, with traps out, so it helps guard us. That was pretty much the evening.  We ended the session back at Mac Owster.

This was a great game, with a decent turnout. I’m really enjoying Mutant Futures.  Eric’s doing a bang-up job.

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