Life and Death in a Virtual World

Life and Death in a Virtual World

It’s odd, how people are people no matter how they come together. I poke into Second Life, the virtual world from time to time. One of the oldest groups in world is one I belong to, called the Hobos. They don’t belong in possessions or making a lot of money off of Inworld businesses, they just are there to share and have a good time. Tonight, someone passed the word that a young man who was a virtual Hobo had passed that morning. He was 20. He had Leukemia. This is a picture of a Hobo wake, a bunch of people from around the world mourning a kid they hardly knew, philosophizing about life.. and they are all there virtually. There was something poetic about that.


2 responses to “Life and Death in a Virtual World

  1. On the strength of your post, I went and got myself a SL account too. I’ve spent no more than an hour or two there, but I don’t think I will do much more for a few reasons:
    1) I am using it with wifi, so the lag is pretty bad
    2) haven’t found anything super-interesting – went to the Berlin 1920 environment which looked nice but no one was there
    3) too busy in First Life to have a good Second Life I suppose!

    • Brian: I enjoy the builds in SL but really the most fun I had was with communities of people doing stuff. I was with a group of people that built ironclad style fleets with real, working combat systems a few years ago. We had tiny navies, uniforms, and RP’d a steampunk style navy. We even had a formal dining in at one point. It was huge fun, while it lasted. I just drop in from time to time nowadays, to say hello. One neat element of SL is the virtual analogues to real world boardgames, which I was always a big fan of.