Podcasting: Mike Duncan returns, quietly as ever!

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Oh, joy! You may recall a long ago post on my appreciation for the epically long HISTORY OF ROME podcast, by Mr. Mike Duncan.   I appreciated (then and now) Mr. Duncan’s approach to podcasting, his quiet humor, his research and dedication to a simple hour long, weekly format.   I was a faithful THOR (the History of Rome) subscriber as I found the length of one episode to be conducive to stress free commuting– it was essentially the perfect length.  Apparently I’m the last to know, but Mike Duncan has returned to the podwaves (don’t wince, it seems fitting).  His new podcast, REVOLUTIONS, premiered in September 2013 and is now up to 27 episodes.  Late notice, to be sure.  I’m not exactly an authority on the latest and greatest in the podcasting niche.  Still, I’m pleased as punch.  REVOLUTIONS covers “all the great political revolutions of history” and from the episode list I’m seeing, stars with Charles II and is currently moving through the American Revolution.  The French Revolution is next.  I think it’s a great topic and I’m looking forward to listening regularly.

If you’re a past fan of THOR, you’ll want to check out REVOLUTIONS.  If you’re new to Mike Duncan’s podcasts, subscribe to both!

Revolutions Home Page

History of Rome Typepad Site

Now, I have some serious catching up to do, if I’m going to sync up with what has already been recorded.  Thanks for the notice, Duncan!