BDB Friday night at Historicon…

I’ve missed the deadline to submit my event in with the NOVAG club, but maybe they’ll extend me some grace.  I just plumb forgot.

Here’s the writeup.  Pardon my brevity, they wanted to keep the word count down.

Once again we’re up to fun and games on the Middle Sea.  In this installment, Gordon the Enchanter has holed up in his Wizard’s tower with the stolen Orb of Power, a stout body guard and several siege guns to back up his demands.  The Elves, who consider themselves to be rightful owners, would sell their own grandmothers to get it back. Other parties seek to own it themselves, or at least put one in the eye of those who have a better claim.  This installment of BDB will feature magic rules and marine landings in a frenzied grab for power!!

So, new magic rules, landing parties and mariens will be new for this game.  Essentially there will be a rather tough nut to crack in the middle of the table.  Gordon the Enchanter has set up a little fortress with 3 large siege guns manned in the center.  Players will have fun with magic, countermagic and landing parties this game.

See you at HISTORICON!

(later edit: Looks like I’ll be in the PEL and in the NOVAG room, on a 6 x 12 table. Look for a Guidebook app update shortly)


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