Ancients (Freeware Ed) as an Epub, in Digital Rules

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Correction:  Ancients isn’t freeware after all.  Had to take it down, ONE SMALL STEP complained..

Howdy!  Many years ago, Bill Banks published a tidy little boardgame focused on Ancient warfare.  It was called “Ancients” and came in multiple editions– the basic edition, edition 2 that added naval rules, a third edition and a combined 4th edition.  3w imploded many years ago, and when the rights reverted back to Bill, he very generously offered them up as freeware.  For many years the files for Ancients were hosted on Mike Nagel’s excellent Relative Range site.  They were recently taken down, possibly to avoid confusion with his game Ancient Battles, which is being published by VPG.

Anyway, I have just converted the entire package (sans maps and counters) to EPUB format.  This includes the rules, the naval rules, the scenarios for both land and sea.  It’s a pretty big EPUB file compared to most of the ones I’ve posted so far, but it does have dozens of ancient battle scenarios included.



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  1. Please remove this game from from your epubs. The rights to Ancients are owned entirely by One Small Step, and OSS has not released this game as public domain. OSS never released distribution right of the electronic files to anyone other than Mike Nagel.

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