Melee, WarpWar, *AND Wizard!* added to Digital Rules page


Steve Jackson’s old, old design published by Metagaming. Found in the “Commercial, out of print” category (click the picture to visit Digital Rules)

Here’s an old favorite of many, including myself, combining my love of microgames and fixation on tablet computers and digital readers. Namely, MELEE, the game that kind of put Steve Jackson on the map.  Melee was an early, simplistic and elegant RPG/skirmish game published by Metagaming Concepts back in 1977.  My friends and I played this one quite a bit, though not as much as D&D.  Not sure why.  Looking at it now, I love the simplicity and cleanliness of the original Melee.  Yes, there is a follow up named WIZARD, and yes, I might be inclined to do a conversion on it as well.

As the file’s contents seems to be out there in many places, as either a PDF or Wiki page, I hardly think it’s daring of me to post this.. still, if Howard Thompson emerges from obscurity with a C&D in his hands, I’ll be happy to take it down.  I won’t mention the other websites but they are findable via simple google search.

You’ll find Melee in EPUB format on The Digital Rules Page, in the “Commercial, Out of Print” category.  I’m rather pleased with this conversion– not the best I’ve ever done, but maybe second best.  I’m getting better at this.

Okay, I couldn’t do MELEE without doing WIZARD as well.  Not a bad conversion, really.

Metagaming’s WIZARD Microgame is also available on the Digital Rules page under “Commercial, out of print”. Click the cover to visit the DR Page.

Also, you might want to check out WarpWar, one of Metagaming’s first microgames.

WarpWar epub file originally posted to Yahoogroup. I posted a local copy as not everyone subscribes to the WarpWar group. (click the picture to visit Digital Rules)

I can’t take credit for doing this epub conversion of WarpWar.  It’s been available on the WarpWar yahoo group for at least two years and maybe more, as I reported a couple years ago on here.  This is a great conversion, done by “electronicdad99” on that group (whomever he is).  I think this is one of the nicest EPUB conversions I’ve ever seen.  I thought I’d add it to this update because it fits the Metagaming theme nicely.  Have fun with these!


  1. FWIW Warpwar was Metagaming’s 4th Microgame.
    OGRE (yes, the same game Steve Jackson Games just released in MEGA form) was the first Metagaming microgame.

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