Cold Wars 2014: There’s an APP for that!

I’m starting the “last minute” updates for COLD WARS 2014 Guidebook App.  I just added all schedule additions SINCE January 10 (the PEL update).  I also added Room Layouts and Tournaments.  I have YET to add Exhibitor Lists.   I have no idea who is a vendor at Cold Wars 2014 at the moment, so it will have to wait until the Convention leadership sends me more information.

I really don’t need to post another “This is how Guidebook works and how you use it” post, there’s about 7 on this blog already and the method doesn’t change much, just the data.  Go to the HISTORICON 2013 post on this subject if you need help.

Yessir, there’s an app for that. CLICK ON THIS POSTER to go to the Cold Wars 2014 Landing Page, to download YOUR copy.


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