(Audio) Lemmings, by Richard Matheson

(this is a repost from my Audio Blog, Airy Persiflage. See the original HERE if the WordPress media player is broken)

This tiny little story is by one of my favorite writers to ever grace the tiny screen, Mr. Richard Matheson, who passed away on June 23rd of this year (2013). Matheson was perhaps the finest writer for television of the 20th century; many famous Twilight Zones bear his mark, including the famous Nightmare at 50,000 Feet (the original).

Written as a parable about nuclear war, it was not received well, and in some jurisdictions people actually wanted it banned. I rather like the darkly ironic tone and imagery of this short-short piece. I have always read it very differently from the author’s intent, and took the allegory as representing the madness of popular culture. Go figure!

It’s a short recording, only about three and a half minutes long. Listen HERE:


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