Micro Heroes

Golden Age Microheroes

Golden Age Microheroes

Quite by accident, I stumbled upon Darrin Rogers(?)’ site MICRO HEROES recently while researching a limited edition Marvel graphic novel called THE TWELVE that came out in 2009.  It’s an interesting story.  B-List Superheroes (and non-powered heroes) are trapped in suspension back in 1945, come to life in present day (which is assumed to be 2009) and have to cope with reality.   The writers had deliberately chosen somewhat obscure, limited run characters from Marvel’s pre-history days.  It turns out there’s a colorful history out there in Golden Age comics.  I’m not an authority or even a regular reader on comics, but I do like the occasional story like this– it has an ULTIMATES flavor to it.

Anyway, Micro Heroes are flat, two dimensional portrayals of famous Golden Aged heroes AND villains from the great old days of comic books, mostly dating to the 40s and 50s.  The artist, whom I think is Darrin Rogers (if I’m reading it correctly), has created a veritable visual encyclopedia of comics on his sites.

Omniverse Chronicles

Double ‘A’ Publications

Copper’s Golden Age Villians and Vultures

It’s all grand goofy fun, and definitely worth a look.   There’s literally nothing more to this site than lots and lots and LOTS of pictures of obscure comic book heroes from the 40s, and you can lose a lot of time there.


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