New Project: Victorian Science Fiction — The Great War against the Cthonians

So after purchasing a few new PicoArmor Mark I packs at Cold Wars 2013, I was taking a look at all this stuff and a bunch of things I had laying around the house– old Monsterpocalypse bits and Dystopian Wars and Leviathans.. all of which is essentially unused.  I can either flea market it or make it into something.  I’ve already mentioned this in this post: The Great War Against the Cthonians, so this isn’t a new idea.  This is a game about leftovers and using as much stuff as I already have as possible without buying new things.  So, what the heck, in for a penny, I started painting up the armor and support sections of what I’m starting to envision is the multi-national force that will encounter the Cthonian army when it emerges from the deeps to lay waste to mankind. 

This is mostly Dystopian Wars, almost all of which I found on sale at a Game Store in Fredericksburg.  There’s Pico Armor MK V tanks among the large (British) Light Tank Battallion.

What’s in Work:

Front to back German Medium tank platoons, German Heavy tanks, French Corps L’Aeronautique, British Light Tank Company

Side view, French Corps L’Aeronautique, British Light Tank force, Support Artillery, French Air Launchers, French Superheavies

Medium and Large class German SteamPanzers, French Aeroplanes, the start of the British Light Steam Tanks

Lastly, some Infantry plus support weapons and Cavalry, mostly from Oddzial’s Army, WWI era. There are some interesting possibilities here. I’m thinking of making them American, but of the “blue shirt and khaki pants” era, just for fun. If it is too hard to do I’ll just make the whole mess of them khaki. I picture these as being Companies with supporting weapon stands. There’s also an Artillery Section, bottom right.

Aesthetics: I got some painting done over Thanksgiving– add the French Superheavies (you can see them in the back of the first and second picture above) and the French Corps L’Aeronautique into the painted category. I’m not going crazy with the detail.. just a lot of dull metallic (flat, not brassy) with some color highlights and some gold and silver here and there. I don’t really agree with the constant “Brown and Brass” color aesthetic that fanboys and girls tend to associate with the Victorian/Edwardian era. Brass isn’t a good structural element, and I reckon the national factions would PAINT their tanks a certain color (or range of colors). Right now it’s Olive Drab/Khaki for the Brits, Red Baron style or blue/gray for the Germans, and Metallic with a highlight of bright blue for the French. I’m not sure how I’ll paint Americans in this one.

And.. AHEM, this is a Victorian Science Fiction game, not a “Steampunk” thing. I never liked that term.

What’s left for the Human Ground Forces: Since I’m envisioning this game to be a sort of micro-armor VSF NATO style arrangement fighting monsters on the outskirts of a European medium sized city, I’m going to add a few more armor units to really spread the game out a bit. I’ll likely buy more Infantry, both as a supplement to what I already have for the Humans and ALSO as Fishmen and Cultist Infantry for the Cthonians. Now THAT will be a painting challenge!

I’m going to Flea Market or Ebay my Leviathans sets, except for one expansion fleet which I will donate to this game, suitably kitbashed and painted. I don’t want the aerial element to overwhelm the game, so one small set of ships is all that is needed. I would add more but they really need something to fight and it’s a real challenge to add something Cthonian (which means underground dweller) to the aerial dimension of this design.

Monsters: I’m purchasing small amounts of various Monsterpocalypse forces, as my meager supply won’t be enough. This will be addressed in the next Status report on the Great Cthonian War.

Rules: No idea where this will go yet. I’m looking at adapting the Olympica design to this, but we’ll see.

I’ll post on this again in January or so. Ciao.


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