Santa Sure Seems Picky…



I have participated in the SECRET SANTA program on mega site for 7 years running– you know the drill, it’s not much different from the secret santa in your office, only online, with thousands of online geeks  During that time, I have purchased many presents for my targets and delighted in my anonymity– it makes it feel better if the person on the far end never figures out it was me.  I have purchased games for targets that I have never heard of, and never had any intention of playing.  Why not?  It’s what they want for Christmas. So imagine my curiousity when I received the following from MY Secret Santa:

Hey Walter!

A quick glance at your wishlist came up with 90% wargames or what I think are wargames. I figured you must be a big wargames fanatic! I have never heard of most of them. . .so embarrassing! 

Hmmm…..could you do a kind deed for a sweet & charming little elf here please? Please add more non-wargames if possible….my toy workshop hasn’t much wargames….more choices mean you could have games as pressie instead of a big bag of lumpy coal.

While you are at it, do update your profile and share more about yourself and your family. Tell me about the good and the (bad) stuffs you have done so that I can report to Santa and he can decide what we are getting you!
Be honest cos Santa knows it all! Trust me you don’t want to anger Santa. No pressie for bad boys! Be warn!

Do add in an extra note to your profile as well to let me know you are done with updating your wishlist and also the write up sbour yourself and your family.

Till then, 
Your lovely elf ^_^

This seems kind of odd.  What message is being sent here?  I won’t send you a game because I don’t approve of your choices?  Or, I dont’ recognize these, please send something I do before I send you a selection?  And why does (he) want to know more about me and my family?  The whole point of this gig is to be anonymous, isn’t it?  Puzzle Scratching.