Some last minute unit additions for Big Danged Boats

Several new units came off the assembly line today, and one or two of them might be run in my FALL IN! game “Fun and Games on the Middle Sea” Friday night this week.  It’s a little unlikely, since they got done very late, but you never know.

Tiny People Collective

The TPC is a collection of some of the smaller races inhabiting some of the islands in the Western waters of the Middle Sea.  There are roughly ten micro-nations in the TPC, but usually only  Leprechauns, Fauns, and Pixies are usually found on the high seas.

Faith and Beggorah!
Leprechauns from the Tiny People Collective
Faun company from the Tiny People Collective
More Fauns

I might have some boats for these blokes. I’m thinking they are on a sailboat of some sort.

Motivations:  The Tiny People Collective is a very loose coalition of tinier races in the Middle Sea who are banding together for protection.   They are not intrinsically technological but do not disdain cannon and other advanced weaponry, they just can’t afford it.  TPC ships ply the seas for security and trade, and will not initiate a fight but won’t run from one, either.  TPC crews often have a magical component to make up for the lack of cannon.

The Empire of Stahlheim

Stahlheim is the the most technically advanced human nation on the Middle Sea, not relying on the Dwarves for steam engines, cannon foundries or other technological advances, they have their own industrial centers within the empire, and are quite capable of creating ironclad armored steam vessels and cast boompowder weapons.  The Iron Dwarves are not very happy about the rapid rise of such a formidable military and economic rival, but try to keep relations amiable.

Motivations: The Stahlheim leadership can be characterized as slightly paranoid.  They consider the monopoly on boom powder held by the Sung to be a strategic weakness and are constantly searching for the secret of boompowder’s formulation.

Stahlheim ship infantry– pole arms, great swords and matchlocks.


These are a tribe of Joms Viking Gully Dwarves.  They are in many respects like the Ragnar Brothers, both in their style of ship (rowed and sail).  They are reasonably fearsome in melee but don’t possess any boompowder weapons, nor desire any.

Let us at ’em!!

The Iron Dwarves consider this faction to be their awkward country cousins, and a trifle embarrassing.

Motivations: The Micro-Vikings are a happy lot, heavy drinkers and savage fighters that make their living as freebooters and adventurers.   They will board a ship for loot and pillage, much like their spiritual kinsmen, the Ragnar Brothers, whom they identify with.

More Wood Elves (Green) and High Elves (Sea Blue/Off White)

I’m still plugging away on the Magic System, and I’m frankly not sure I’ll have it ready for Friday, but at least the wizards are ready:

Poof! Abracadabra!

Not sure what I’ll get done, but I have plenty of boats done already, so I’m not going to panic about anything.