Session 2: Labyrinth Lord- Barrowmaze Delve 2

Last Saturday was our second session of Labyrinth Lord, the original D&D clone published by Goblinoid Games.  Like last time we were playing over the internet using Google Hangouts for the audio/visual element and the roll20 application to handle mapping, character sheets and die rolls.  I added a cheap webcam to the mix, unlike last time, and I have to say it really helps with the communication.

Google Hangout syncing up.  That's our DM, Billy Compton, addressing the party.

Google Hangout syncing up. That’s our DM, Billy Compton, addressing the party.


We’re still on the Barrowmaze Campaign, and really haven’t’ scratched the surface of it yet. So we found ourselves remapping the stuff that we did last week and trying to remember where we had been before, avoiding the rooms with ghouls in them as much as possible. We were jumped by Stirges at the outset and a swarm of them nearly killed one of our fighters. We cautiously tried mapping in another direction, away from last week’s nasty surprises.

We made some headway, but came upon some secret rooms and rooms that had doors blocked, etc. The sounds of us hammering down the wall attracted more monsters– Rodents of Unusual Size, in fact. These proved easy to dispatch:

Chased by Rats!

Chased by Rats!

We did some more chamber breaking and entering and eventually found a nice burial chamber with a huge haul of loot inside. As many of our party, including your humble narrator, were down to 1 or 2 hit points left. So we called it a night and headed back to the nearby village, where wenching and carousing challenges await. Awesome games, but slow progress. I had forgotten what a first level character was like!

As far as we got Saturday night.

As far as we got Saturday night.

Verdict: I like LL a lot and will play it again, especially over a net work.


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