Game Night at Caribou Coffee Nov 2013

Gar and I popped over to the Meetup Group for Boardgaming in Northern Virginia’s monthly event.  We should probably socialize more than we do, but we just go to play games.  Often, just by ourselves, though sometimes with others.  Last night we played two new games (for us), THE DUKE and BOSS MONSTER.

Boss Monster: build a dungeon and invite adventurers to invade it looking for treasure! The Duke: a chess-like medieval/fantastical movement and capture game, similar to chess in many ways.

We set up and played BOSS MONSTER twice, playing it more intelligently the second time. I have to say this game surprised me greatly with its depth and cleverness. It looks like an 8-bit Atari tie-in card game, but it plays much better than first impressions. Players assume the role of “Boss Monsters” in a side-scrolling fantasy game, building rooms of death and peril for adventurers to be lured into in the quest for treasure. You WANT the little invaders (they’re so cute!) to raid your dungeons of doom. Most rooms will hurt an adventurer but if he or she makes it to the Boss Monster’s room, the monster takes a number of wounds printed on the bottom of the adventurer’s card.

building a side-scrolling dungeon in BOSS MONSTER

At first, we figured the game had a major flaw.. if you keep adding rooms to a dungeon then you’ll have so many lethal rooms that NO hero could survive past room 5 or something. So I won that game rather easily– then discovered upon a re-read that you couldn’t exceed five rooms. Gee! That put a monkey wrench in my game– but it makes the game much more interesting and intense.

It’s not perfect; the rules are a little all over the place and it works SO very hard on being cute, but that’s okay. It’s a great game with interesting twists that I really enjoy.

Our second game was a quick game of THE DUKE. This is a semi-abstract game with chess like themes. Each piece has an active and inactive side, and there are light and dark sets of identical pieces. Each piece has a gridwork depicting how that piece moves and reacts on that board.

THE DUKE at start

The Duke Later Game

Despite being unfamiliar with the game, Garrett picked up on it right away due to his experience with Chess. I’m sad to say he cleaned my clock.

A great time for everyone and I hope everyone had a good time.



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