Micro Touch One, A review

This isn’t really a gadget review like I’m used to writing, nor is it game related. Okay, maybe a gadget (sort of?). I’ve been reading about shaving supplies by mail lately and have noticed a ton of Facebook adds that are essentially marketing directly to customers to participate in “shaving clubs”, where you get shaving supplies by mail. I’ve been shaving pretty much the same way since I started shaving, not counting the odd barber session. That is, with a Gillette Trac 2 razor, much like the one you see here:

The basic item these days.

As a method, it’s fine, I have no real complaints but my major gripe is that it’s A) expensive (blades are so costly they are controlled items in most stores) and B) the blades go dull rather quickly as they clog up with dried shaving cream, whiskers and other gunk. On the plus side, it’s fast and reasonably effective for what it is. I just would like to explore another option, and I recently found one.

The MicroTouch One

the Micro Touch One is essentially your daddy’s razor. It’s a remake of the quintessential Safety Razor that most men shaved with for the majority of the 20th century. I remember my dad using this shaving back in the 60s and 70s. Solid brass construction, very solid, and surprise.. it carries ONE blade. Not two, not three, not four (yes, razor blades have that many now.. can you believe that?)

MicroTouch One

I have had this for about two weeks and have shaved with it repeatedly. It definitely requires an adjustment to use a micro track. I didn’t grow up shaving with a single blade razor and didn’t learn on them– so shaving is a little trickier, especially in hard to reach places like just under the nose or on your throat and under the ears. The results were impressive. Much like the advertising suggests.. maybe we DON’T need multiple blades. I can attest that a single blade will shave you as close as a double blade. The blades are cheaper (since they gave me 24 to start and I haven’t changed one yet, I won’t in a position to buy new blades for most of a year, but I can’t imagine they are that high). And big bonus, that dried crud you get with a Trac 2 (or higher) is easy to solve since the blade pops out for cleaning. My sense of things is that this is going to be a much cheaper way to shave in the upcoming year.. it will take a little longer since I’m still awkward around the nose area, but it does a great job.

Micro Touch One is available (as far as I can tell) via online only, and retails for about 20 dollars for the razor, 24 blades, and a nifty little case with a mirror. If they are implying I would use it “in the field” to shave with, I think it’s a little short of the mark. Still, the presentation is very good indeed and the value is impressive. I would recommend the Micro Touch One.

You can order them HERE.


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