A Magic System for Big Danged Boats

In the existing version of BDB, magic, or “the ability to alter reality” is touched upon as a faction power– the goodly Brothers of Saint Brendan can pray the sea state down to calmer waters (by playing a special action card), for instance, and other factions can perform “magic like” actions like stench power from the Undead Pirates, or summoning a squid god, and et cetera– but they’re not really magic spells per se, just cool powers each faction can use.

Splintered Light Miniatures “Warriors of Magic” set– click to embiggen

So, I’ve been contemplating about adding single figure unites to the system, designated by a special base marking, playing the role of Wizardly types– just a single class of figure different from a LDR that encompasses someone who can render supernatural or divine assistance to a boat crew in crisis moments. I was greatly inspired by seeing Splintered Lights’ “Warriors of Magic” set painted up, so it set my mind to work, and I have picked up some 15mm wizard figures, starting with the pack you see above.

Assorted Demonworld Wizards and Shamans found on Ebay lately.
Assorted Demonworld Wizards and Shamans found on Ebay lately.

I also located some Demonworld Wizard figures from various alignments on Ebay. As you can see, the sculpts are quite colorful. All told I might have about 15 magical single figures, which should be more than enough for this idea.

Going through the old spell books from D&D I found a few that would work in the BDB universe.. things like warp wood or stinking cloud, or shock person or lightning bolt. Magic should be a close up activity, I think. So no more than 2 sticks away from the intended target. I would like the spells to be a mixed bag– clerical and magic users, all reasonably consistent with the universe. My thinking is that the spells could have level numbers and spell effects listed on a card. The card would be like a weapon that is fired at short range by a Magic User type. The MU rolls dice per spell, looking for 6s. The target person can fire off a counter-spell, if they have a wizard, but he may be of only a certain level to attempt this.

Effects would be varied, and hopefully it wont’ be enough to require generating a large amount of specialty spell tokens. Anyway, I would love to hear your thoughts.