Meta-Post: Updates to Microgames page

Note: I updated the Microgames page today, with new material on DARK CITY GAMES, a programmed adventures publisher that is the next logical succesor to the Fantasy Trip, a list of GDW’s Series 120 series,  the closest they ever came to a micro, and more information on the Decision Games Folio Games series, which has really taken off in 2012-2013.   I’ve also added extensively about the Microgame Co-Op (later the Microgame Design Group), the DTP operation helmed by Kerry Anderson from 1996-2004 (and now appears to have resurfaced).   There’s lots to update here, I’m not anywhere close to being done.  Thanks!


2 responses to “Meta-Post: Updates to Microgames page

  1. Thanks, I’ll be watching!

  2. I’d be interested in your views on the information I could find out above MDG and Microgame Coop.