Chancellorsville Battlefield Walk

I just thought I’d post my advance slides for the Chancellorsville battlefield walk here. I get tasked to do these on the job. These things are a lot of fun, both from a research and getting out of the office for an activity perspective.



2 responses to “Chancellorsville Battlefield Walk

  1. dennis largess

    There is an old Marine Corps story about Jackson’s arm.
    Sometime in the 20s or 30s, Two time Medal of Honor winner, Smedley Butler, was exercising his troops on the Chancellorsville battlefield. One of his troopers found a marker that stated Jackson’s amputated arm was buried there.
    Butler snorted that he didn’t believe it and had his men start digging. They dug up a box with human armbones in it. Butler hurriedly had them bury it.
    He never reported this, but some of his troopers leaked the story to a local newspaper and he got in some hot water over this.