HUGE Guidebook App Update for Fall-IN! 2013, catching up with PEL.

Fall IN! 2013 director Dan Murawski got me a giant event database update last weekend, and I’ve managed to get it all typed in.  Events jumped from 94 to over 250, and the PEL is now published.  So, for the time being, WHAT YOU SEE IN GUIDEBOOK WILL MATCH THE PEL.  I will be adding more updates the closer we get to the convention and can actually edit Guidebook right up to AND DURING the convention (as I have done at previous cons).  If you have Guidebook, don’t worry about it, you do nothing.  Essentially Guidebook sees that an update has taken place the next time you open up the Fall IN! 2013 Guidebook and automatically changes the database.    It will alert you what it is doing:

Guidebook will look at the update file and say, "Hey, the DB has changed.  We're updating that now, just FYI".

Guidebook will look at the update file and say, “Hey, the DB has changed. We’re updating that now, just FYI”.

So, IF YOU HAVE GUIDEBOOK, go and open it up. RIGHT NOW. If you have a live Wireless connection, it will update itself now.

And now, my standard offer.


One of the elements that ISN’T fun about updating Guidebook is there is no way to update banners automatically. So every time the schedule changes drastically, I have to nuke the old and add the new, then one by one by one, add the banner graphics back in. MOST games have the generic “Game” banner, like so:

The standard "GAME" banner.  It's white, it's standard, it's generic.

The standard “GAME” banner. It’s white, it’s standard, it’s generic.

I add a banner to every event. Most of the time, it’s the “GAME” banner you see above. It’s 640w x 240h pixels big, and it can say just about anything you like. Here’s a sample of the GAME banner.

640w x 240h in pixels.  Got that?

640w x 240h in pixels. Got that?

Just because we use a default banner, doesn’t mean YOU have to. Here’s what I did for MY own game, BIG DANGED BOATS:

Fun and Games on the Middle Sea, with Custom Big Danged Boats Banner.

Fun and Games on the Middle Sea, with Custom Big Danged Boats Banner.

Why make my own banner, you ask? Well, why not? It makes your event stand out and be recognized, if you’re selling something, it will draw attention to you. If you are trying to run demo games for a company you could add some details to the banner about how to reach the company, etc. etc. etc. You’re all bright lads and ladies, figure out why on your own. ALL YOU NEED TO DO is design your own banner with the specifications already stated, and send it to me at my email, misternizz at Gmail dot com. I like custom banners.. they are cool, like fezzes.

Keep checking your Guidebook for updates, I’ll be entering them as I get them.

And I’ll see you all at FALL IN!


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