General Contest: Titan Puzzle V20, Issue 2

I got to thinking to myself.. “Self.. you haven’t posted an ancient GENERAL puzzle in a month of Sundays” “You’re entirely correct.” “Why are you answering me?” “I’m not sure.. I think I’m confused.”

So, in the proud tradition of Nostalgia and Meaningless contests here on 3PoS, here you go!  This is the Titan Puzzle that was published in V20#2 of the General magazine, published by Avalon Hill.  If you have any familiarity with the game TITAN, this should be a cinch for you, right?

Titan puzzle

Titan Puzzle 114, originally published in the General Magazine, Volume 20, issue 2. What’s the answer? I know, but I’m not telling, and you can’t make me.

(paraphrasing the original)

“You are the Defender in a Battle in the Mountains of the Land of TITAN. Your legion consists of Two Lions, Two Minotaurs, one Griffon and one Unicorn (another Lion has already been slain during the first round). It is the beginning of your third Maneuver Phase. to win the contest, you must make the BEST possible moves for your remaining Creatures. Draw an arrow from the center of a moving Creatures counter on the diagram (or describe its movement and attack verbally) to the center of the hex it moves too. Be sure to indicate the order in which the creatures move. Indicate and number the direction and target of strikes or rangestrikes of each Creature that attacks individually on the entry form if you have to.”

The original contest required you to fill out the original contest entry form (below) but you don’t have to, just communicate what you’ll be doing with what somehow. Nor will you win prizes or even fame, really, it’s just a fun diversion.

And here’s the entry form, for what that’s worth:

Entry form for contest 114, Titan, Vol 20, issue 2

Entry form for contest 114, Titan, Vol 20, issue 2

Answer either on FB or here as a blog comment. I’ll post the answer within the week.

Have fun!

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