Big Danged Boats, Get Bit and Olympica.

Thursday: the kids were jonesing to finish Big Danged Boats from Wednesday afternoon. I left it set up for them.


The Spartans were attempting a rear ram, which wasn’t going to happen, even with a broad beamed ship like the Siege Machine. They DID end up next to the Siege Machine not moving, and moved into Boarding and Melee. The melee rules now look like this:

MUCH deplete Spartans charge across the paddle-wheel housing to slaughter some Gnomes.

Boarding procedure:

Target ship being boarded fires off a defensive volley with any shooters that can fire. (The Gnomes had 8 AD worth of fire).

Line up attackers and defenders.

Gnomes and Spartans lining up

each side rolls AD and DD. If they match, go to crit table. If the net result is negative for the attacker, he retreats. If he scores positive, he’s hit his opponent.

Unlike the last game, the Spartans got the butts handed to them this time. Only the Captain and one Spartan were left.

Since the Gnome ship was sinking fast, the Gnome Captain boarded right back, and slaughtered the Spartan crew.

Bad luck for the Spartans!

Cedric, running the Gnomes, played the FROM HELL’S HEART I STAB AT THEE action card. This blows up the ship and anyone around it. He ended up losing some Gmomes and the Black Galley lost some crew as well.

The rest of the action was inconsequential. The Black Galley went down to hard poinding, and then so did the Deadnought.

The last fighting ships were the Wood Elves, Primus, the Gnomes escaping in the Hoplite, and the Dwarves.

We called it as it was starting to drag a bit. <a href=”nizzocles's Story” target=”_blank”>Here’s a slideshow


We had a great time running a repise of last year’s OLYMPICA game at Garrett’s request. This is a miniatures version of the old Metagaming microgame, somewhat expanded in scope. Unlike last time, the UN actually got pretty close to the Web of COmpulsion generator and if they hadn’t been converted, would have won this one.

The UN started closer than usual and took advantage of a glaring hole in the tunnel network:

The Webbie’s Tunnel Network. Notice tunnel 5-6. That ends up right behind the web of compulsion, which the UN Figured out.

Unfortunately we didn’t have time to finish it, but I thought the UN might have pulled this one off. They at least discovered where the web generator was in this game, but quickly got converted by it.

UN Company converted by the Web Generator. You have a new boss now!

They got this close:

See the WG counter? That means WEB GENERATOR. They were RIGHT there. Sadly the demonic web generator impelled them to desert the UN and join the Webbies.

I tinkered with the balance on this one and will publish a rewrite shortly. Both sides are a little better represented now. I think the game would have reached conclusion in about four more turns.

Olympica 2013

For more pictures, see this Slideshow.