Camp Day One: 54mm Fantasy Gladiators okay, The Magi kicks butt

Well, we’re in the midst of running game camp for kids in Alexandria, VA. Day One was “Fantasy Gladiators” in the AM using a simple gladiator rule set adapted a little bit to play with fantasy creatures. One thing I didn’t expect was how UN-bloodthirsty this crowd was.. I had to manufacture more creatures to get the chicken hearts engaged on the sides of the battle. I work with MUNERA SINE MISSIONE by Alan Saunders, a great, easy rule set for gladiator fights that has been out there forever.


The big unexpected HIT of the day was running THE MAGI in the afternoon. This is a previously mentioned experiment to get a version of WAVING HANDS by Richard Bartle converted to miniatures format. The result was splendiferous! Even the shy kids got into the animated spell casting aspect of the game. To play you have to actually cast the spells using somatic (hand) gestures as part of the conflict. When you add miniatures, line of sight and visuals become very important. I made some big changes to bring it to a kid crowd but it really went over well. Everyone said they loved it and now we’re running it again tomorrow.

Here’s a Youtube depiction of the first day’s action:



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