New Faction in Big Danged Boats: The Orcish Revolutionary Council (ORC)

Orcish Ship
The SCIMITAR OF THE PEOPLE, the first warship of the Orcish Revolutionary Council or O.R.C.

The Orc and Goblin races of the Middle Sea were largely content to be as they had been for centuries, warring incessantly and acting as the paid or unpaid mercenaries of this or that evil goon dotting the landscape. Until, one day, an Orcan Warboss with a rare sense of curiosity and even rarer ability to read the common language found some ancient scrolls. Initially he couldn’t make head or tail of the material but gradually, he understood their message of equality, economic collectivization and centralizing of political power in the People’s Soviet. This Orc Warboss became the first Kommisar of the Orcish Revolutionary Council. Primarily a land power, The orcs of O.R.C. have recently taken to the seas in captured vessels. Orcs are fierce fighters, relentless in attack, and more than willing to launch a boarding party onto another vessel. Their fearsome secret weapon, the Orcan Kommisar, stays belows decks until the time arrives to spring into action– which he can do from half a stick’s distance. Once on an enemy boat, the Kommisar is treated like 6 Orcs in the attack, but only 1 in defense. Altogether savage and unrelenting, the Orcs of O.R.C. will prove to be a contender on the Middle Sea.