Two Events Submitted for Fall-IN! 2013. Yes, this early.

I just sent in an event description for two games at FALL IN 2013.  Here they are:

Saturday at 1400

photo 3

Event Title:  The Big Diabolical Dukeroo!

Event Description (100 words or less, please):   In the long years since the disappearance of Graros the Unspeakable, your standard Vanished Evil Dark Lord that seems to be in every one of these stories, there have been many promising characters to step into his wormy shoes.  The semi-annual Wizard’s Duel attracts many aspirants to leadership.  Will you survive to become top wizardly dog?  Oh, we’ll see.. we’ll see (evil laugh).  Rules are “The Magi”, a miniatures variant of a very old postal game called Waving Hands, a game of casting spells with hand gestures.  In this game, players will ALSO be using hand gestures to cast spells that do various things good or bad.  Can you fire off that Lightning Bolt before your opponent casts an Impervious Shield?  Was that a Shield spell, or does the Caster have Saint Vitus’ Dance?   It’s all in the hands…
Simple rules, Children welcome (though 12 and under I’d wish to have a parent playing too). 

Scale:     54mm                                     Rules:     The Magi


Friday at 1400

Group shot with Plunger and Von Ripper.

Event Title:            Fun and Games on the Middle Sea!

Event Description (100 words or less, please):   It’s a 15mm Fantasy naval extravaganza.  Pilot a dubiously seaworthy, slightly ridiculous ship in an all hands battle for domination of the Middle Sea!  Rules are Big Danged Boats for 15mm fantasy naval combat.  If you’ve had a hankering for a naval game where you can take to the seas riding on a giant steam powered cheese, fighting evil squid headed cultists riding the foot of a dead god (and who hasn’t?), this is the game for you!!  Rules are dead simple and aimed at fun rather than statistics.  Children welcome, but 12 and under requires a parent to play along with. ROLEPLAYING IS ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL.  If you can’t summon an evil nautical Sea Dog persona for this game, please go play Flames of War!  They’ll take care of you!

(Note: this game (Fun and Games on the Middle Sea) has been moved to Saturday, 7 PM)

For once, I won’t be scrambling too hard.  I may be bringing a few new units online for BDB and doing a rule rewrite, but most of the hard work is done there. Same with The Magi.    This is the part where I can be smug and precious about being pro-active.  Don’t worry, it’s a rare event.  I’ll be back to the normal chaos for Cold Wars.