Photobucket is nickel and dimeing me.

My preferred Image hosting solution is shaking me down for more moolah. Sigh.

photobucket's bandwidth exceeded graphic
You may be noticing this graphic in various places all over this blog. There’s a reason behind this.

You may be seeing this picture in various sizes all over this blog, particularly in my recent Historicon Recap post. There’s a reason for this. Like a lot of bloggers I prefer to host images from multiple image posts, like convention AARs, off of so that I won’t fill up capacity quickly. This arrangement has worked perfectly for several years now, and I haven’t even come close to filling up my Photobucket account. As of last week this image started to crop up everywhere I had a photobucket hosted image (and you can see, that’s in a lot of places). Tracing it back to Photobucket returned a request to pay them more money to upgrade my bandwidth, which apparently exceeds whenever I post a convention AAR report because of the number of people looking at it. Fair enough; that’s understandable. I’m looking at other options right now, up to and including getting shaken down for higher bandwidth from Just giving everyone a heads up.