Making Movies in the 1980s in Washington DC

Back in the old days, my friends and I used to make movies in DC.  This is an activity that was frequently photographed and created many great stories, only some of which I could ever relate on here.  Which is a story in itself.

I’ve never been an avid archivist, except, maybe, writing things down, blog style.  So I don’t really have a lot of pictures of myself from the 1980s, doing the normal things like working, socializing and whatnot.  From the movie making days I had a few boxes but they vanished years ago (Im not big on photo albums).  So it was great that my good friend Brian Armstrong recently resurrected a metric sh*t ton of old photos from this time period, only a few of which I’ll deign to expose to the blog-reading public, such as it is.

So, if the Gigya code actually works, here is a little nugget of fun from that time period, when the only thing I worried about was where the next beer was coming from.

And if it doesn’t work, sod that, you can always click on my severed head:

Hi, I’m Mister Nizz’s SEVERED HEAD! Click me! I am the nicest severed head you’ll ever meet!

I just received BLOODY MAGNUMS (from which many of those pictures originate) in the mail, and will be working on making it more digital and easy to access shortly.