Quick Review: Double Dexter

Double Dexter (Dexter, #6)Double Dexter by Jeff Lindsay

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Double Dexter is the sixth in the Dexter (written) series by Jeff Lindsay. I have enjoyed this series since I started to read them in tandem with the much more well known TV show. The show hasn’t really synced with the book series since the first season, and that’s not a big problem with me– a book’s a book and a TV show is a TV show. In this story, Dexter is still doing the same old same old routine of trying to balance his home life with his avocation of being a serial killer that preys on killers. The story starts with a very engaging sequence of dispatching a pedophile clown who murders little boys. Alas, Dexter is seen dispatching the Gacey analogue. The witness is transformed by the experience and enters Dexter’s world. The classic twisted cat and mouse game ensues, with murders, a frame-up, and a very satisfying chase at the end of it. In general, I liked Double Dexter. The story has grown more complex and the characters are all developing depth that wasn’t there before. Rita, in particular, is finally becoming more believable.. I mean, did we really think she didn’t’ NOTICE all those late nights when Dexter was out having fun in the moonlight? I’m glad Lindsay is starting to address some of the plot holes, one problem I have always had with this series are the “neatly tied up in a bow” endings, and this novel has more than its share, but it’s still a good read.

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