Fist Full of Magnum (1985) uncut

Back in the 1980s, I used to make movies with my good friend Brian Armstrong. We called ourselves Totally Shameless Productions. We didn’t have any grand ambitions. We were just trying to have fun with our friends, goofing off and screwing around. It was ambitious in the sense that nobody really used film cameras to make stories.. this was before easy access to video and digital editing. Film was a pain in the ass to edit. You had to sit in a dark room with a crude spindle viewer and some glue, cutting and splicing. The sound was awful. We had to dub it in later. You can hear the projector sound in the overdub. With that said, these things are a time capsule for a fun time and place, and some funny people. This is the first of a trilogy of very loose parodies of Clint Eastwood movies we did in the middle of the 80s. Don’t worry about the plot– it’s pretty disposable. Have fun, or don’t.