HISTORICON 2013 and BDB: Finishing up for the big show, one more faction for sure

Let’s see… Big Danged Boats is about finished. I’ve got happy to glad tweaks to the rules, I need to work on some game aids and markers, and I need to do some finishing touches on the models. For once, I’m not in a hell-bent rush. It’s a nice feeling.

So the final roster of ships and factions for HISTORICON will be:

The Ragnar Brothers: Red Ragnarok and Freya (2 ships)
The Gnomish Siege Machine
The Sylvan Terror (Wood Elves)
WindRider (High Elves)
The Primus, the Armored Cheese of the Rat People (Floating Cheese)
The Foot of the Dead God & Assorted Cultists and Mercenaries
Plunger, Van Ripper and SeaHame (3 Ships, the Fleet of the Sea Dwarves) plus floating launch for flying dwarves.
The Bucket o’ Lymph (Zombie Pirate Ship)
The Seng (2 Ships: Flagship Junk and Red Castle War Barge)
The Deadnought and the Black Galley (Bone Brigade, 2 galleys)
The Holy Frenzy (1 Ship, Brothers of Saint Brendan)
The Hoplite (Spartan Athletic club and CoSplay society)

That’s 17 ships in 15mm scale. I’m too nervous to make it any larger than this.

I have parts and plans to build three more factions, but it won’t get done for HISTORICON:

The Slitherin (Lizard Warriors riding a giant Sea Turtle)
The Iron League (two steam powered casemates, one with a retractable claw)
The Blarney Stone (A ship with a giant punching leprechaun as the weapon)

Here’s some pictures of the Zombie Pirates of Stinkwater, nearing completeion:

The Bucket o' Lymph, the Zombie Pirate Ship
The Bucket o’ Lymph, the Zombie Pirate Ship
Zombie Pirates cluster around the guns.  This is a big ship, perfect for boarding.
Zombie Pirates cluster around the guns. This is a big ship, perfect for boarding.
The Bucket is one of the largest ships I'll have on the table.  About the size of the Seng's Junk
The Bucket is one of the largest ships I’ll have on the table. About the size of the Seng’s Junk

As a faction, the Zombie Pirates of Stench Water have a little faction power called “The Power of Stench” which is played as an interrupt to movement. Which card is played, any ship downwind of the Pirates (by the weather gauge) within a certain distance loses an activation from gasping and choking.

I will be making the rules available for playtesters for a peer review, stay tuned for that if you are interested.

To Do List:

I’ve made one yard arm to yard arm Boarding Resolver. I don’t think I’ll need two, but maybe.
I need to make at least one more steam template
Paint up my game tokens
Finish draft 2.2 and make some charts by condensing it all down to two pages
Smoke stack for the Primus
Base and Paint the Base of ALL the figures – including the reinforcements
Finish the Flying Dwarves, and their launch
Make Submerged tokens for the Plunger
Clarify flying models, sticky fire, reinforcments and submerged attack in the rulebook
Make ship sheets
Expecting poker chips for fatigue and magic, they haven’t arrived yet.

Longer range– another paddlewheel for the Iron Kingdom boats, and a platform for the Slitherin’s sea turtle so the Lizard men can have something to fight from.

My cards were a disappointment. The print job from Arts Cow bled over the edges so I had them redone. They should be back in time for H’con.

So far, so good!


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