Everything Old is New Again: The Love War (1970)

It’s fun, sometimes, to make a rediscovery courtesy of the all encompassing pluralism of the Internet.   Background: For most of my adult life, I have had this vague memory of watching a specific movie on ABC MOVIE OF THE WEEK, the anthology series that ran back in the 1970s and 1980s.  I don’t recall the actors very well, or a lot of the plot. I was a little kid. But it was the kind of story that I loved back then, and it made a kind of indelible mark in memory. Not anything distinct; Just that there were aliens, on Earth, in disguise, and they needed visors to see each other.  They were fighting a war and had sent proxy representatives to Earth to fight a decisive conflict. There’s supposed to be an equal number of antagonists in this war, armed equally, looking human, with detectors that indicate another alien is near, and the only sure way of seeing them is to use a special visor (many years before THEY LIVE). Both sides agree to the conflict and both sides cheat.  That’s about as much about the movie as I can recall, except an excellent final sequence where the hero (Lloyd Bridges) gets double crossed by the love interest, who kills him in a deserted ghost town and incinerates his body. She tosses the visor in the street, and very, very briefly, you see her outline, as an alien, through the visor at street level. It’s not particularly brilliant as a premise, but it is decently acted and the effects are yeoman-like for that time and that place and ABC’s budget. For years, I couldn’t remember the name of this movie, but it stuck with me, particularly that last scene in the street. Fortunately this is the Internet, and movie nuts abound with secret lore they are more than willing to share. A buddy of mine steered me towards one of the movies of the week called THE LOVE WAR. Sure enough, the plot matched my memory fragment I had of this movie. Lo and behold, thanks to Youtube’s new policy about allowing full length posting of movies broken into parts, we can now see the entire LOVE WAR from beginning to end on Youtube. This is a great side benefit from living in the future, I guess!


(Segments 2-5 are linked to the link above)