My Entry for HISTORICON 2013

I totally missed the PEL deadline and Rulebook Deadline. I wanted to submit something, I just haven’t been on Yahoogroups in ages and it slipped my mind. In any event, here’s my entry for Thursday, 7PM, HISTORICON, Fredericksburg, VA. 10 players, though I might paint up an extra ship or two for walkups.

Big Danged Boats (BDB) is a 15mm Naval Combat game set in an age of Steam, Sail and Magic. BDB doesn’t pretend to take itself too seriously; the goal is to get your ship out on the water, board your enemy and carry the day by valor and force of arms. BDB ships range from the prosaic to the outlandish. This is a game where an ironclad with a giant boxing glove could be locked in deadly combat with an armored cheese covered with arquebus wielding rats, or crazy cultists floating around on the foot of a dead god, one just never knows what is going to show up on the field of battle. Mechanics are relatively simple, rules are taught.

Doesn’t seem very descriptive, but it’s good to know that the naval game I’ve worked on and collected ships for for ten years is finally going to be given an outing.   For this outing, called Oil on Troubled Waters, I will be fielding the following ships:

The Primus, an Armored Cheese, swarming with gun wielding rats.  The Primus has the unique ability to turn in a circle (spin) without using a turning turret.

The Foot of the Dead God, (inspired by Towing Jehovah by James Morrow) Cultists discovered their god’s feet had a unique buoyancy factor and have taken to the seas on one of his discarded feet.  The cultists have two spells they can cast on unsuspecting mariners, and a small troop of Hyena Men mercenaries.



The Gnomish Siege Machine: This is a giant (well, giant for gnomes) siege tower with a large Boxing Mitt attached to a spring as its main weapon.  It also has a Greek Fire Sprayer .   Massive, slow, and ponderous, the Siege machine is the terror of the seas.






The Dwarven Stealth Fleet: This a group of 3 small ironclad, steam driven ships with limited assault ability but maximum armor protection.  One of them is a submersible which can only stay submerged for a brief period of time, and it attacks with a spar torpedo.

Dwarven Stealth Ships
The Stealth Fleet, 2 of 3

The Zombie Pirates of Stinkwater:  This is a Pirate Sailing Ship with a few guns and a crew of undead, smelly pirates.  They have the power of Stench– anyone downwind of them will have to work harder to avoid being unnerved.

The Deadnaught: an ancient rotting galley, cursed by ancient sorcerers to endlessly ply the oceans, preying upon innocent passers by.
The Deadnaught has a fearsome giant’s skeletal arm magicked into a catapult weapon.


The Sylvan Elves’ SYLVAN TERROR: A cheerful group of wood elves taking to the seas in their Galley Heart of the Forest.  Their main weapon is a ram made out of a single strip of bark from the Father Tree, which can play havoc on any other tree made of wood.   Word is they may have hired a mercenary gun crew this year.



The High Elves: this haughty crew is on a tiny ram galley.   They loudly condemn the trend towards gunpowder weapons that is cropping up all over the Middle Sea of late; yet not so loud as they didn’t pick up a cannon for their ship, too.

The Spartan Athletic Club and COsplay Society: This group of athletic fanatics dwell in the imagined past of legendary Spartan Glory, and prefer to row up close to an enemy boat and board where their legendary prowess with melee will bring to bear.  Alas, recent painful experience with getting galleys shot to pieces under them has changed their mind about modern affectations like cannon.

The Holy Brothers of Saint Brendan: Sail about on their sailing ship, trying to pour oil on troubled waters with the power of prayer (which is what they do; they can reduce a bad weather effect by praying).  A pacifistic group by nature, they won’t hesitate to defend themselves while spreading the holy word.  Their ship has a cannon upgrade this year, but not as many gunners, so they will be deadly but slow.

The Sang: This group of Pirates from the Far Off Lands of Cathay have entered the Middle Sea looking for plunder and easy pickings.  Boy, they didn’t know what hit them!

So, ten players for this outing, we’ll see about adding spare ships for walk up players.