James F. Dunnigan Wargames Handbook, now on Kindle

Third Edition, Wargames Handbook

When James Dunnigan’s Wargames Handbook, 1st Edition, came out in 1997, I immediately ordered a copy. After all, Jim Dunnigan is the granddady of wargame design, the creator of SPI Games, kind of the pioneer of the genre (along with Charles Roberts). It’s a worthwhile read, but also kind of surprising– as the author routinely bashed the hobby he created, predicting it wouldn’t be around long, etc. would get replaced by video games, etc., would get replaced by computer games, etc. From the perspective of 1997 that certainly appeared to be the case, but it really hasn’t happened. Not entirely. Despite the insider-snarkiness of the original I enjoyed this book. It gives the reader an interesting perspective on the early days of the hobby and the great designers from back in those days. Now the THIRD edition is for sale as a 3.99 Kindle book, on Amazon. Have fun, it’s worth a look. Previous versions are probably floating around the internet somewhere, if you look for them. Just sayin’

Wargames Handbook, Third Edition by iUniverseBooks


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  1. I remember reading Dunnigan’s book, How to Make War, but not this one–definitely something to check out, especially after enjoying an interview he did recently on the Guns, Dice, Butter podcast.